End of Week 188 -Something is working?


Pardon me while I celebrate…WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!  As of this morning I lost all the weight I gained over the holidays!  This victory came in two parts.  First, I gained only 3 pounds the whole time.  Second, I never stopped working out, limited my baking and fudge making, and tried to keep up my protein.  The result is it took only a couple of weeks to lose the damage.  What this has shown me is…I CAN DO IT!!  I am seeing light in the darkness.

I am so glad my next 10 weeks of personal training have already been paid.  Those sessions are so much fun, and they show me what to do in between when I’m working on my own.  And I’m making progress!  I no longer have to hold on to something when I do squats; I’ve learned to squat with a weight bar across my shoulders; the weight on my lat pulls started at 30 and is now 50; I’ve learned the best way to use hand weights; I swing kettle bells (that’s really fun); and the gym has a great machine for working triceps.  Of course, I have not stopped my cardio – that is what I do early morning before work.

The holidays are over.  2016 so far does not seem much saner than 2015.  I keep hoping.  I figure all I can do is what I can to improve my little corner of the world.  We can’t let the world’s “big picture” upset us too much.  We just need to learn to recognize opportunities to do good when they happen, and act on them.  Easier said than done, but I keep trying.

Until next week….




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