End of Week 186 -That Time of Year….

Christmas was yesterday.  Personally, I had a wonderful holiday.  My family replaced my laptop (which “blue-screens” on me regularly) and paid for my next set of personal training sessions.  My son gave me a new wallet.  I really needed one.  But, the gifts were not the most important thing.  I spent the day with my husband and my son, and we had some neighbors over for dinner, and everyone liked what I got them.  I find the giving so much more satisfying than the receiving!  Even my son’s best friend, our unofficial second son, showed up.  It was great.

However, just because it’s Christmas does not mean bad things stop happening.  I watch the news and cannot help but think of those having to evacuate their homes in California due to wildfires; of those in the central south who have lost so much to unseasonable tornadoes; of those in the northeast who are enduring their first winter storm of the season; of the victims of the most recent theater shooting; a California woman is set on fire; there is a suspicious fire at a Texas mosque.  I know people expect me to mention the active-duty military, especially those overseas.  I do not because, frankly, they are the only ones ever mentioned any more.  More than enough people are thinking about them.  There are others who need our attention as well.

I am currently fortunate that nothing like the things mentioned above is affecting me right now.  For some reason, I feel as though I should feel guilty for having a pleasant life.  Then I remind myself that no, there is no reason to feel guilty, for a couple of reasons.  First, situations tend to change quickly and without warning.  Something could go wrong at any time.  I just want to enjoy the peace and quiet while I have it.  Second, this is my world and it is just as “real” as anybody else’s world.  It always irritates me when someone says that anyone who is not experiencing what they are does not live in “the real world”.  Everyone’s world is “real”.  Situations are what they are.  We all make our choices.

I’ve decided that all I can do is live my life the best I can; help when I can; and try not to worry.  I want to write and I want to improve my health – and I’m working on both.  I don’t think I need anything more complicated than that for the time being.  I wish everyone a wonderful new year and hope each of my friends and family is able to accomplish what they want in 2016.  I love you all.

Until next week…Keep Place Alive


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