End of Week 184 -Weather Effects

Edging down on the scale slowly, sometimes fractions of a pound.  Went to the gym twice each day, Monday through Friday, and once on Saturday.  I think I’ll go back to three times a day this coming week.  I rested my left hand some last week.  It was sore – like I pulled something at the base of my thumb.

I’ve been pretty good about avoiding holiday goodies so far, and drinking my protein shakes at breakfast and lunch.  I have to make fudge to send overseas and for the family.  We’ll see how well I do once that happens, and at the office party this coming Friday.

As you can see by the right hand picture, above, we have decorated for the Christmas season.  The other picture was taken yesterday evening through my dining room window.  We had three unexpected guests drop by.  Happens a few time a year.  The difference is that this year there is still plenty of green grass for the deer to eat.  It is so warm that we may soon have to cut the grass again.  We’ll probably not do that, but it really does look like early Spring.  The onion grass is up, just like in early April, and the gnats are swarming in the evening.

I love seeing the deer in the back yard.  It reminds me of how my mother went to all kinds of trouble to be sure the deer in her area were fed all year, hoping they would spend more time on her property.  She detested every hunting season – probably where I got my opinions on the subject.

One of the things this warmer weather has revealed is, I think, a squirrel’s nest next to our chain link fence in the back.  We have a wooden pallet and some sheet plastic wedged between the fence and the cover over our outside basement steps.  I think there is a nest inside the pallet on the ground.  Makes sense.  It is a very well protected area.  I don’t think the stray cats in the neighborhood can get in there.  They’ve tried, but the spaces are just too small.  Yesterday I went out back and walked to that end of the fence, and an animal I couldn’t see started screeching at me.  It sounded like it was coming from the pallet.  Must be the squirrel-in-charge!  Well, I’d rather have them there than, say, in my attic.

Again, I’m writing this surrounded by cats.  Sleuthy is grooming Olyvia.  Both seem quite content.

Until next week….


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