End of Week 183 – Ok, It’s All Good

From Phone March 2014 031


I’ve actually dropped a couple of pounds. This past week I’ve been getting to the gym three times a day, most days.  William says I’m doing all I can from the standpoint of working out.  What we need to do now is tweak my diet.  More protein, less carbs.  Not NO carbs, but being really careful about what type of carbs I consume.  We all know what that means – try to avoid the “whites” like white bread, white rice, etc.

Working with William has been the saving grace of this latest effort.  He is positive, encouraging, knowledgeable.  He gives the kind of constructive feedback a person needs to want to continue.

My knee is finally feeling better.  Next project, my back.  William is out of town for a few days and I plan to try to practice sit ups while he is gone.  I want to get to the point of being able to sit up correctly without my left side hurting so much.

Right now I’m typing this post while surrounded by kitties.  Both Sleuthy and Olyvia decided to sleep around the computer.  They are best buds.

No point in commenting on the latest mass shootings.  Everyone knows what happened.  I have made some observations, however.

  1. The authorities didn’t know if the act in San Bernadino was terrorism? What?? We need to rethink our definition of the word. I realize “terrorism”, to those having to address the nation, has religious/political implications. They are speaking of the motivations behind the acts. However, it is apparent that anyone who grabs a gun, walks into an unsuspecting group of people, and opens fire, IS A TERRORIST. That person instills terror in his victims, who are not aware of the person’s motivations and couldn’t care less.  All they know is the terror.  Let’s get real.
  2. Everyone offers their “thoughts and prayers”.  For most people that cliché is all they can do, and they want to express their concern.  Ok, I get that.  What irritates me is hearing that platitude coming from politicians who block common sense gun legislation.  I’m not talking about taking guns away from responsible owners.  It is things like stronger background and mental health checks – especially the mental health aspect.  We need to close the loopholes.  I think we can do that without having to change the Constitution.
  3. Where do Facebook posts go when you block/hide them?  Wherever it is; I am increasing the population in that place rapidly.  Each time we have a new mass shooting a war erupts in FB.  I am FB friends with a lot of different types of people.  Some are very conservative; some are very liberal; and others fall everywhere in between.  I admit I lean toward the liberal and do not enjoy a lot of the more conservative posts.  However, I do not engage in meaningless debate.  If I do not like a post, I HIDE it, period.  If FB gives me the option to hide all from the original source, I do that, too.  I do not “unfriend” anyone because they do not agree with my views, and I do not argue. Sometimes I read comments before I hide something. The exchanges usually deteriorate to name calling and insults. What is the point in that? Would you do that face to face? I think being on line is too much of a shield.
  4. Speaking of reactive posts, it took almost no time for someone in the conservative arena to post that the shooters in San Bernadino were from Syria, and that we must not allow the Syrian refugees in our country because of that.  Well, they were NOT from Syria.  That statement was either a lie, or just incorrect.  Or, it may have started out as a deliberate twisting of the truth for making political point, and just took on a life of its own.  In any event, I’m saying do not take what you see on FB, or anywhere on the internet, as the truth.  Always check things out thoroughly.  The truth does not seem to matter to those who want to push a political agenda.
  5. Ever notice how when something bad happens, those pushing religion blame humans, but when something good happens they thank “God” for it?  If humans do the bad things, aren’t we also doing the good things?

Ok, enough soapbox for now.  I hope we get through this coming week without any more shootings.

Until next week….





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