End of Week 182 -Thanksgiving

Still holding my own on the scale, which is not bad considering Thanksgiving was last Thursday.  I made a large meal, with desserts, and managed to not overeat.  It helped that I made a big salad.

It also helped that I still exercised, except for Thursday.  I made my training session on Friday and exercised on my own all the other days.  This despite the fact that my cold is still raging.  Some kind of upper respiratory infection is going around and I got about a week and a half ago.  I could tell it was coming, and when it hit the upper bronchial congestion was heavy.  However, I worked out anyway, and I think it lessened the symptoms.

We ended up with a lot more food than I planned, so it looks like ham sandwiches for a while.  It also looks like an attempt at mission impossible for a month – trying to lose weight during Christmas season.  It wouldn’t be so difficult except I have to make fudge and cookies for the season.  Some for home; some for shipment to relatives in Germany.  Right now, however, I am determined.  I plan to spend extra time at the gym and switch to my protein drink for dessert at night (the vanilla with a little sugar free creamer is a lot like a milkshake).

Looks like my son is getting a new job, thanks to the training he received in his current position.  He also received a letter from his university with instructions for the January Graduation ceremony – he is getting his Masters degree.  Things are beginning to come together for him.  I am thankful for this, as well as for all the other people and things in my life.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Until next week….


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