A New Divide….

Well, I’m trying to write a post again.  Last week something went wrong with the publishing and wiped out what I wrote – didn’t even save a draft.  I’m holding my own on the scale.  Caught some kind of upper respiratory bug during the week and did not make my training session today.  Feeling very “sinusy”, like the inside of my head has been scrubbed with sandpaper.  I exercised normally until this thing hit me, and I think I’ll be ok next week.

This coming week is Thanksgiving.  As always, I am grateful for what I have.  My loving family; living in an advanced, developed country; having a good job – I am a very lucky person.  However, that does not mean there aren’t some things I would change if I could.  For example, right now I am completely ashamed of Congress and about half of the citizens of this country.

The question of whether to act like the “Christians” most of these people claim to be and help the refugees fleeing the horrible conditions in Syria has divided our populace to an extreme I haven’t seen since the Vietnam conflict.  Roughly, half the people want to show compassion and help “the refugees”, as they have come to be known.  This half of the country wants to let the refugees in and help them be safe.  The other half wants to refuse the refugees in the name of security.  They want to punish the entire group because there is a possibility that one or two may be terrorists using the group to get in our country.  The granite-hearted among us refuse to acknowledge, 1. Every last one of them is here because an immigrant at one time was allowed in this country; 2. Most of the groups that moved to this country in the past have done their best to take land and freedom from the “Native Americans” who may have immigrated themselves at some point but were living here much longer than any other group.  Consequently, to call the Syrian refugees terrorists is the pot calling the kettle black; 3. Middle Eastern or African terrorists are already in our country.  Letting the Syrian refugees in will make no difference – the bad guys have been here for a while.

This controversy has ranged from the heart-wrenching to the absurd.  In the latter category are the Republican governors proclaiming they will not allow refugees in their states.  The more foresighted asked the federal government to not allow the refugees in.  The rest seem to think they have the authority to keep people from crossing state borders.  I don’t think so.

What really bothers me, though, is H.B. 4038, ridiculously named the 2015 American SAFE Act.  It would place unrealistic requirements on the FBI, Homeland Security, etc. before any refugees can be admitted.  It has passed the US House, but has not gone to the Senate yet.  In the House all the Republicans voted for it (no surprise), but so did a lot of Democrats, which disappoints me.  My US Congressman (the only one from our whole State) is a Democrat and voted for the bill.  I have already emailed him and informed him that he just lost my vote for ANY office.  He is an embarrassment, and he certainly was NOT representing me when he voted on this bill.


It is obvious what Congress is doing.  Just in case any of the refugees turn out to be “bad apples” they want to say, “Don’t blame me!”HummingbirdSmallActs.  They want things arranged so that if something bad happens they can conduct all types of special investigations, and call a bunch of committee hearings, and blame the FBI, Homeland Security, the President, etc.  Anyone but them – the people who created all this years ago through their bickering and inaction.  They want their stage, their posturing, and their scapegoats.

And unfortunately, half of the people in this country will believe them.

Until next week….


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