End of Week 180 – Oops, skipped a week….

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I’ve been so busy the past two weeks, I forgot to find time to write last weekend.  So, I’ve lost five pounds!  I am so excited!  It may be that I’m finally getting the protein I need.  I try to get at least two protein shakes per day, sometimes three.  I also have started taking my Meta Mucil each morning, just to keep my system regular.  It seems to be helping.  Between the protein and the fiber I am keeping quite full and not eating nearly as much as before.  Veggies in the afternoon and a regular dinner with small portions (can’t give up solid food altogether – that would be nuts, and my trainer, William, would not approve).

I’ve been fairly regular with my exercise.  Cardio in the early morning.  Resistance training with some more cardio at William’s gym around 11:30.  Twice each week those 11:30 am workouts are scheduled training sessions with William.  I need to pay for another package.  He has shown me so much regarding weights and machines!  Each day that is not scheduled I go in and practice what he has explained to me.  I haven’t been going on the weekends, but I want to start at least on Saturdays.  This coming week William is on vacation so I’m on my own, which is fine since I know what to do.  I love the way I feel after these workouts.

Last Saturday we went to Columbia, MD for a huge family gathering celebrating the birthdays of my Aunt Trudy and Aunt Carol Lee.  They are pictured above.  My mother was the oldest of three girls.  Carol Lee (turned 80) is the middle girl and Trudy (turned 75) is the youngest.  I wish my mom was still here, but I’m very lucky to still have my aunts.  In fact, Trudy is more like my big sister than my aunt.  She is only 12 years older than I.  I’m 15 years older than the youngest in our family, so 12 years is perfectly reasonable for siblings.

The other picture is my son (of course).  We were so excited to receive his graduation cap, gown, and hood in the mail!  It is like getting confirmation that he is on the list to walk in January.  He received conferral of his Masters in Administration of Human Services from Wilmington University on August 31st, but he doesn’t “walk” until January at the Winter Commencement.  His record says he is graduating cum laude so he may also get an honors cord at the ceremony.  I’ll take more pics to show that, and his masters hood, later.  This picture shows his gown, which has the sleeves with the long tails, which is what differentiates the masters gown from the bachelors gown.  And he is wearing the stole that represents his membership in his discipline’s honors fraternity.

November has arrived, and with it renewal season at my job.  We have to handle several hundred company renewals along with around 3000 individual renewals coming through a nationwide licensing system.  Needless to say, other work comes to a screaming, if temporary, halt.  However, so far we have kept up.  Not my favorite time.  November’s saving grace is our time off – Veterans’ Day and two days at Thanksgiving.  It makes renewal almost bearable.

Until next week….


2 thoughts on “End of Week 180 – Oops, skipped a week….

  1. Really impressed at your discipline amidst the celebrating! I did not even think about what I ate over the last month- but now I am ready to get my fitness on. Joining Columbia Association gyms today!! Thanks for coming and celebrating with us. Will there be a Masters celebration for Mikey? January could use a positive party! Love you!

  2. So glad to hear you’re joining a gym! I used to be one of those people who didn’t want to go to a gym because of all the “beautiful people” at those places, but I found out, first, that there really aren’t that many of those people, and second, it makes no difference anyway. Turns out I’m nowhere near as self-conscious as I thought I was. I’d like to have a celebration for Mikey, but people don’t like driving to Delaware for some reason. But you’re right – January needs something good. We’ll have to figure out what to do. A lot depends on what his job is then. If he is still with Corporations it won’t be too hard. If he gets a job with Probation and Parole (his interview is Monday) it may be more difficult since those schedules are not as predictable. We’ll see….
    Love you, too!

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