End of Week 177 – Next Step – Protein.


I’m down a couple of pounds, which is ok.  My trainer, William, thinks I need more protein.  He said to be careful to avoid the kind of protein body builders use.  He recommends plant protein, so I am shopping for Plant Head mix.

This week I tried to use a machine called Jacob’s Ladder.  Climbing a moving ladder, sitting at a 45 degree angle, coordinating hands and feet, engaging abs.  The thing kicked my ass!!  I was so winded after 90 seconds; I wasn’t sure what was happening.  I’ve used the elliptical for years and have to push it to get myself winded.  I suppose it has been time for a change.  I’m not giving up the elliptical, but I am determined to get used to the ladder.

I’m discovering my allergies are worse in the Fall.  Constant sneezing, constant runny nose, gunk in the eyes, etc.  It’s annoying, but at least I don’t feel sick, which is how I know it’s just allergies.  I’m trying to not take any allergy meds – found out a few years ago they really dry me out.

Lots of traveling for family get-togethers this month.  Early Thanksgiving last weekend; a birthday celebration for my aunts Trudy and Carol Lee (Mom’s sisters) on the 31st.  I love seeing family!  The picture at the top is of my mom and her sisters.  My mom is on the right.  I miss her so much, but am so grateful to be able to see Trudy and Carol Lee.

Entry today is short – I’m concentrating on recording some music and keeping my mind on getting fit.  More later.

Until next week….


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