End of Week 176 – Plodding Along…

My weight is still holding steady.  William and I have discussed this.  He is convinced I am not eating enough and not getting enough protein.  He said he’s never trained a woman who initially was eating enough protein.  I started keeping a food journal again, and until I did I had no idea how spotty my eating had become.  It was surprising.  I am going to research protein sources – like veggie protein drinks.  William said to avoid the protein drinks that guys consume to build muscle.

Training was a lot of fun this week.  William showed me what to do with my big exercise ball.  I was sitting and bouncing on his like a kid at Christmas!  I’m beginning to see differences in how my body acts.  On Tuesday my lower back was in a lot of pain when we finished, but during the rest of the day I remembered the exercises he showed me to open the lower back and hip flexors.  Every so often I would get up from wherever I was and repeat these exercises.  It paid off.  Instead of stiffening up overnight; when I woke up the next day my back was better.  The pain was gone.

Looks like I have established an exercise pattern that works.  I go to my original gym each morning before work to get on the elliptical and do cardio work.  Around 11:30am I take my lunch and go to William’s gym and practice what he has shown me during our training sessions.  After a couple of minutes warming up on an elliptical I use machines and free weights to do resistance training.  Never thought I’d get into a resistance routine, but it has happened.  All my friends have commented that they see a difference in my body proportions.  I think things shift before the losing starts.

Last week I mentioned that the saying “guns don’t kill people; people kill people” should really say “people with guns kill more people, more often, in larger numbers and way more efficiently than people with other types of weapons.”  This past week was case in point.  Another school shooting – this time in Arizona; and then not even twenty-four hours later a school shooting in Texas.  Two school SHOOTINGS.  Not school stabbings; not school stranglings; not school bludgeonings; not school poisonings.  School SHOOTINGS.  The incidents in AZ and TX were the results of disagreements among groups of people rather than a lone wolf just opening fire in a classroom or on a campus, but resorting to a gun is resorting to a gun, regardless of the circumstances.

I would love to see lots of restrictions on guns, but as I mentioned last week, I am realistic enough to know that is not going to happen.  I just wish voters would realize we need better screening for mental problems and need to close the loopholes attached to gifting guns and gun shows.  Voters, regardless of party, need to vote out politicians that resist such measures.  I’m not talking about banning any particular type of gun; just strengthening the safety measures for overall sales and gifting.

On a happier note, the baseball post-season has begun!  My St. Louis Cardinals finished the regular season with the best record in the major leagues!  Last night (Friday) they beat the Cubs in game one of their divisional series.  Of course, being top dog in the regular season just makes them that much larger a target.  Some other team could very well come along and knock them right out of the playoffs, but I’m really hoping this is the year the Cards win World Championship number 12!

Until next week….CardsPost2015


2 thoughts on “End of Week 176 – Plodding Along…

  1. I am so happy for Quinine! Glad you found what works for you. I agree with you about the problems with gun accessibility. I believe that this will lead to us all choosing again something different. I hope we all can get guidance to a higher good instead of a lower violence.
    How bout those Cardinals!

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