End of Week 175 – Patience, I Guess?

Keep Place Alive

Weight did not change.  I exercised a lot, trained with William twice, tried to keep my eating down.  Still cannot seem to lose.  I know some of it is my age, but I’m still getting frustrated.  William told me I’d probably not lose for a while – maybe even gain a few pounds – since his focus is on resistance training and core development.  But, that the leaner, more efficient muscle would take over eventually and I’d start to lose.  I hope so.  In any event, I continue to enjoy my training sessions.  It is worth going to them just for the way I feel afterward!

Things calmed down in the middle Atlantic area after the Pope left.  Mother Nature must have thought things were too quiet and sent Hurricane Joaquin to scare everyone.  Turns out it is not going to do much, staying mostly out to sea, but we have a lot of wind and got a good soaking from the nor’easter that preceded it.

The worst problem is coastal flooding, which would not be a problem if humans weren’t foolish enough to believe they can build houses on beach sand and not have it washed out from under them.  Each time this happens the residents who live so far on the beach that they are practically in the ocean cry that the government (in other words, all the taxpayers) has to do something to strengthen the beach so their houses are protected.  I’m sorry, but if you build or buy to live in an area that is prone to some type of natural phenomenon, you take your chances.  Beach erosion is a natural process that would happen even if humans were not around.  We certainly are not going to win a battle against nature over this.

Another mass shooting.  This time at a community college in Oregon.  CBS News pointed out that we, as a nation, are becoming numb to these tragic happenings.  I think that is true.  As soon as the Oregon story broke I saw a comment on Facebook saying, “Ok, quick, let’s blame the guns!” I looked – it was not in response to an anti-gun statement. It was simply attached to the breaking news story.  The smoke had not cleared, there wasn’t even a firm count of the dead much less a release of names, the cops were still trying to figure out what happened and determine whether the shooter was dead as well – and someone had to politicize it, instantly and before anyone else had a chance to express sincere concern.  I try not to judge, but as far as I am concerned that person should be banned from social networking.  It’s not that the person is pro-gun; it’s that he/she lacks the basic decency to wait for an appropriate time, place and venue to make that argument. This person would rather trample on people’s ravaged emotions.

I’m sure we will see the old saying “guns don’t kill people; people kill people.”  Well, that’s true as far as it goes, but it is incomplete.  People with guns kill more people more efficiently and more often than people with other types of weapons.  I am realistic enough to know that we will never remove all guns from society.  What angers me is the conservative efforts at stopping things like expanded mental health screening for weapons sales, and the lack of funding for the treatment of mental illness.  Makes me wonder what they are trying to hide.

Until next week….


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