End of Week 174 – More Settled, Some Progress…


This week was more settled than the previous week, thank heaven!  I exercised everyday and twice most days.  This coming week should be ok as well.  Wednesday I have Blood Bank, but I’ll still do cardio in the early morning.  I’ve been good with my eating – stayed away from ice cream, ate lots of veggies and salads.  The result was I’ve dropped a little.  About 2 pounds.

I’ve started an impromptu eating plan.  As much as I liked my oatmeal and blueberries, I didn’t lose weight.  So, I am having a protein meal bar for breakfast Monday through Friday after the gym.  Then it’s either veggies or a Smart Ones frozen meal for lunch.  If I get the munchies in between I have one or two buffalo flavored Wheat Thins.  They are small.  I try to limit my sweet tooth to the occasional dark chocolate kiss, or the equivalent.  On Sunday night I treat myself to some ice cream, usually a Klondike.  I like using premeasured things.  So much easier.  The protein meal bar has 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber.  This also helps my nutrition I think.

Dinners are another matter.  Either my husband cooks or we bring something in, depending on the day of the week and whether he is working at his part-time job (he’s retired).  I’m trying to stick to salads when we order in as much as possible.  I’ve managed to avoid the heavy stuff like burgers and fries so far.

This has been a big week for news.  Speaker of the House Boehner is resigning his seat.  His replacement probably won’t be any better, but we’ll see.  The really big news has been Pope Francis’s visit to the USA.  I don’t know what kind of reception he was expecting, but what he got was probably beyond his expectations.  Thousands and thousands of people have been fighting to get near him; cheering him; trying to get to where they can hear him speak.  Francis is one of the most popular Popes in modern times; at least it appears that way.

I like him and what he seems to represent.  I like his concern for the poor.  I like his humility – he not only talks the talk; he walks the walk.  He has been using the wealth of the Vatican to help the homeless that sleep on the streets around that area.  I like his position on the environment, and his concern for refugees from turbulent areas of the world.  He seems to truly believe the words in my hummingbird picture.

Until next week….


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