End of Week 173 – Getting Set Up…


It has been a strange week, without a functioning scale, with several weird and unscheduled eating situations, and changing daily schedules.  I am a creature of habit and all this change and unpredictability is bothersome.

But that’s ok because I am also resilient and I shall do my best to make this coming week more settled.  The one thing I did have going for me last week was my exercise.  I am still enjoying my personal training.  More than enjoying it, in fact.  If I were to miss a session I would be upset.  Also, training with William encourages me to do more on my own.  He encourages you and explains everything he wants you to do and why it works and is important.  The man is a genius in his field.

Now, I need to adjust my eating so that I actually get smaller.  William has way too many mirrors around the gym for my taste.  I try not to look because I look so large.  I’m working on my muscle health, now I need to burn some fat.

The change of the seasons is creeping in like Carl Sandburg’s fog.  The deciduous leaves have reached that dark, late summer green.  A few trees have begun a subtle change.  Days, while still warm, are no longer uncomfortably hot, and nights are cooling.  We are gradually cutting back on our air conditioning.

There are fewer migratory birds at my feeders, but the year-round residents are beginning their end of summer rituals.  One sure sign of autumn is the change of the male goldfinch.  He goes from brilliant yellow to almost as drab as the female for the winter.  The change is gradual, like most everything in nature, but it has started.

Which is why I was tickled to look out my back window today and see a male goldfinch sitting on one of my feeders.  What tickled me was his color.  He is as bright as he was on the 4th of July.  It’s as though he is resisting the coming change.  Nope, he thinks, I don’t want summer to end.  I don’t want the cold weather.  I want to stay bright and brilliant and beautiful!  I am gold on the wing!

I’m sure he will change pretty soon, but in the meantime I’m rooting for him and his attitude.

Until next week…


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