End of Week 172 – Things Wear Out….

From Phone March 2014 031

This weekend is a nationwide pet adoption effort sponsored by PetSmart Charities.  Go to your local PetSmart and see if they have your new best friend!  My kitties are pictured above, and the lower one (Olyvia) came from Purr-fect Haven Cat Rescue, which shows their fostered, socialized and adoptable cats/kittens at PetSmart.

Exercised a lot this week.  I’m enjoying my training sessions!  Have not been as sore as I expected and I’ve learned a lot about how to do moves correctly.  I do my cardio in the mornings and have two training sessions during lunch on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Mondays and Thursdays at lunch I go in and do the training on my own, and there is Zumba on Wednesdays.  Makes for a full week.

I got on the scale this morning, but I’m not sure what I weigh.  I think the scale is wearing out.  It is an upright, “slidey-weight”, doctor-style scale that I have had for years.  When I got off of it this morning it wouldn’t balance on zero.  I had to put the weights at 7 pounds before it would balance.  Even the usual adjustments didn’t help.  I believe the band that connects everything inside the scale may simply be stretching and wearing out.  So, I went on Amazon and found a regular bathroom scale that had a ton of excellent reviews. It should be here Tuesday.  I was pleased that the price of bathroom scales has not gone up that much over the years.

Yesterday the nation remembered the victims of 9/11.  Otherwise, the news has not been much to watch.  I am happy to simply concentrate on working out and hopefully writing some.  Ever feel like you may be on the verge of a change in your life?  I’ve got that feeling now.  Like I’m right on the edge, but I don’t know what’s over that edge.  Oh, well.  I’ll find out when the time is right I suppose.  I hope it has something to do with finally succeeding in losing weight and getting in shape.

Yesterday I saw the same hummingbird three times in the back yard.  It is late in the season and I am very glad I was lucky enough to see it.  I think it was a female (colors were dull).  Of course, they always make me think of my mom.  My siblings and I consider the arrival of a hummingbird a visit from her.  Hummingbirds migrate and it is just about time for them all to leave, if most have not already.  My other backyard birds carry my mom’s messages during the winter.  Today the backyard has been cardinal central.

Until next week….


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