End of Week 170 – Here we go….


I’ve worked out hard and stuck to my eating plan.  My reward was getting on the scale and dropping around 3 pounds!  At least I feel encouraged now.

I have arranged for my personal training and had my first hour-long session.  William decided it was a good idea to loosen my lower back – and he was correct!  Next week we will meet Tuesday at 12:30 and Friday at 9am (since I have started my Fall Fridays off from work).  Seems everyone doing this wants to do it after work, so I am going to try to avoid that time period.  William’s schedule is just too full then.  Since I’m doing 30 minute sessions I should be able to handle it at lunchtime.

The biggest revelation from my first session was how I can improve my posture almost immediately and the immediate effect it has on my knee pain.  If I remember to keep my feet straight when I walk (I have a tendency to walk slew-foot), and stack my spine tall, most of the pain leaves my knee almost at once!  It’s not easy yet, bit I’ve been working on it most of the time.  My knee still isn’t perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better.

This weekend has not done much for my dieting.  We’ve been celebrating my son’s birthday and I wasn’t very careful yesterday.  Today should be better.  When we go out to dinner I’ll order a salad with chicken.

There was a police-involved shooting in Dover on Friday.  We watch WBOC news locally, and I must say I was dismayed at their coverage.  The young man who was shot was running around with a gun and happened to be in front of a day care.  He was shot once in the thigh, received immediate medical care, and his injury was never life-threatening.  This was not his first encounter with the law.  He was already in a position where just possessing the gun was a violation.  WBOC immediately called him “the victim” and played the race card at every opportunity.  Race had nothing to do with what happened; the gun had everything to do with it.

I particularly noticed an interview they aired with the owner of day care.  She is an older African-American woman and she said the police had no respect for where they were or the people and how dare they fire in front of a day care.  I was astounded.  Apparently, she did not give one thought to the fact that the criminal taken down by the police was running around in front of her day care carrying a gun!  I guess that didn’t matter.

For a couple of days now we have been listening to interviews of leaders of the local NAACP, which jumped right in on all this of course, and at least one pastor from an independent church in Dover.  While there is a lot said like “we have to come together and work to solve these problems” I noticed not one of them acknowledged the true situation or that the police officer involved did his job and did it correctly.  Never did any of them say the criminal should not have had the gun.

For a long time I have felt that the city of Wilmington in northern Delaware is a Philadelphia wannabe.  Unfortunately, it is beginning to look like that feeling is trickling down to Dover.  Violent crime is increasing and certain segments of the population seem to want to attract news coverage by acting like the more obnoxious protesters in Ferguson, Cleveland, and New York (the ones from outside the areas).  Next thing you know we’ll be seeing Al Sharpton in Legislative Mall.  Everyone seems to want their 15 minutes of fame.

The real shame is that those trying to make this into another “the cop was wrong” incident are overshadowing the members of their communities who are trying to do things like establish businesses and forge good relationships with the City – those who really have everyone’s best interests in mind.  I’m convinced they are out there – we just can’t hear them because of all the negative shouting.

Until next week….


2 thoughts on “End of Week 170 – Here we go….

  1. Nope, it was right here in little ole’ Dover, DE. Eight miles from my house. It has been a bad year for crime here so far. I think the criminal element is growing faster than the city is prepared to handle. In fact, I truly believe it has migrated from places like New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York.

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