End of Week 169 – A Little Better….

Mikey In TUA

I haven’t had a chance to get on the scale – been travelling to and from Virginia.  Had a great time visiting with my step-father.  And my wonderful husband did a great job on his yard.  It was a lot less humid than the last time we went.  We travelled Friday, but I did get to work out Monday through Thursday last week.  I am slowly withdrawing from ice cream (torture!).

Ok, this coming Wednesday the money should be back in the bank and I’ll be able to pay for 10 weeks of personal training.  I just hope I can survive it.  What I don’t want is to begin this and then get injured so that everything is delayed.  William (gym owner and personal trainer) told me he specializes in training people with problems like bad knees and bad backs.  Sounds like exactly what I need!

I’m thinking that after work on Mondays and Thursdays will be the best times for my personal workouts.  Of course, that’s if William is available at those times.  On Wednesdays and Fridays I will be going to Zumba classes at noon.  Tuesday will be a break, with only one workout.

I just read last week’s post.  Wow.  I was in a really bad mood.  Well, things are better now.  The humidity has let up some and I’ve been able to do things out in the yard without feeling like I’m melting into the sidewalk.  While outside I’m seeing signs of the change of seasons.  I have large pots of a silvery green plant that flowers in broad lilac colored blooms in the early fall.  I can tell the blooms are forming.  And as much as I hate bugs, I hear the beginnings of the cricket calls, which happens only in early fall.  We’ve been hearing the cicadas (or whatever they are) for a couple of weeks.  Soon the grass will slow and the leaves will start to turn on some of the earlier trees.  We will still have hot spells, but they will be shorter and fewer.  I am maintaining hope.

Last week my son completed his final class in his final course for his Masters degree!  We are so proud of him.  Now he files his Petition for Degree, pays his fees, arranges to wrap up his financial aid, and makes sure his name is on the list to “walk” at winter commencement in January.  The degree will be conferred right away, but the actual ceremonies take place only in January and May.  My son said, “I’ve been working on this for two years. I’m walking!”  Can’t say I blame him one bit!!

Wish I could afford to go to school for a Masters, but what would I do with it at this point?  It costs so much to go to school, even on-line.  I’d need federal loans and at 62 it just does not seem like a good idea to get into that much debt. Oh, well.  I’m so glad my son went ahead and got his Masters right away.

Until next week….


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