End of Week 168 – Waiting….

Purple Tree

No progress on the weight.  I feel kind of lost at the moment, as far as weight loss is concerned.  I worked out all five days and tried to stick to my eating plan, but I just can’t shake anything loose.  I’m realizing that whoever invented the phrase “summer doldrums” had me in mind!  Part of it is I’m waiting for what used to be the car payment money to get back in the budget so I can start my personal training.  It should be available around the 26th.

I hope I can handle the training.  Ordered shoes, now just need the funds.

Still hot.  Still battling bugs.  Still not enough rain.  Still hate summer.  But, we’re half way through August so maybe things will change in another month or so.

Most of the news over the last week has been about unrest in Ferguson, MO again.  The police shot another young black man, but this time there is footage proving he was armed.  Amazing how quickly the news media swept this incident away once they realized they could not call the perpetrator “an unarmed black man” any longer.  We have heard about Michael Brown daily for a year, seeing every photo of him except the one that shows him bullying someone in a convenience store.  The story about the cops doing their jobs correctly doesn’t even get a couple of days.

Until next week….


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