End of Week 167 – Summer Blahs…

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The scale is drifting slowly back down after that huge spike two weeks ago.  I haven’t been sticking to my preparations as much as I’d like.  I cut back on the ice cream, but did not eliminate it completely.  I got my cardio everyday, but have not yet started on my core.  I really have to buckle down!  Problem is, this time of year I have a major case of the blahs.  I really hate midsummer.  The only good thing about it is all the family birthdays, especially my son’s at the end of August.

I dislike the heat, I dislike the lack of rain, I REALLY dislike the bugs (especially the gnats).  My air conditioning has a hard time fighting the heat, so the house gets hot in the afternoon.  I’ve had it serviced, keep the drapes closed, etc.  It’s just too hot out there.  So, my picture this week is a tribute to the weather I am anticipating.  Cooler and cloudier.  Come on Fall!!

I missed posting last week.  We travelled to Virginia to take care of the yard in Heathsville and visit with my step father.  We had a great time, and the yard is a thing of beauty once again.  Ours still looks pretty good, but we need some rain.

I’m very upset that an American hunter killed a well-known lion, Cecil, in Africa. All the reports make a point of calling him “an American dentist”, like the fact that he is a dentist has anything to do with the hunting.  It makes no difference what he does for a living (except that he is wealthy and so can afford to pursue this awful pastime).  What he did makes my skin crawl.  In fact, all hunting makes my skin crawl.

I’m not a vegetarian, and I have no objection to eating meat.  I know that in nature’s great food chain everything has to eat something. That’s just the way it works.  I also know that there was a time in human history when hunting was necessary for survival. It was considered a daily life task, not a sport.  But this has changed.  Hunting is no longer our only source of food. I know some people who hunt.  Here is what they say to me.

“I give all the meat from my kills to charity.” – Good for you.  Why don’t you just give the charity a monetary donation if you are so concerned?

“I am performing a public service.  Without hunters there would be overpopulation of these animals (usually deer in this area) and they would starve to death.” – Great.  What’s the difference? Dead is dead. Nature was handling that problem her own way for eons before humans came along. Besides, the overpopulation today is due to humans taking more and more of the animals’ habitats. We have created the very conditions we are using to justify hunting.

“It’s not the shooting; it’s the camaraderie – being with my friends in the great outdoors.” – Really?  Then why not just go camping instead of hunting?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question brings us to what really bothers me about hunting – something no hunter will admit; at least not the ones to whom I’ve spoken. They like going hunting because they want to kill something.  They think the act of stalking the animal and finally killing it is fun. If it was just the idea of being able to track an animal, playing the game of hide and seek that hopefully culminates in a great view of an animal few get near, then they could photograph it instead of killing it and have just as much fun.  The difference in this case is the killing.  That is what they are after.

The idea of human beings that think the extinguishing of any life force is fun, and a skill worthy of bragging (trophies!), is frightening beyond belief!Deer 017

Until next week….


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