End of Week 165 – Summer Continues….

The scale jumped WAY up on me yesterday.  My weight increased enough that I know not all of it is legitimate gaining.  A lot of it has to be fluid or something else transitory.  There is no way anyone would gain six or more pounds in fat in one week.

I’m going to start transitional preparation this week for my upcoming personal training.  I want to be as ready as I can be so I don’t always feel like collapsing during those sessions.  I know they are going to be difficult, but I can still get somewhat ready.  We have a couple of weeks off from Zumba because the instructor is going to Italy, so I am going to take that time to try to do my own program.

I’d like to get in some cardio (elliptical probably) each day.  Each evening I want to do core work at home – nothing fancy, just some basic moves I’ve known for a while.  I also want to use hand weights to do some of the Zumba moves and build up my shoulder endurance.

As far as eating is concerned, William will help me with that, but for now I have one goal – stay away from ice cream.  That is probably the single most difficult eating change I can face. We’ll see how successful I am.  All this is in preparation for the training I am going to try in about 3 to 4 weeks, once the money from my car payment is back in the budget.

Yes, I paid off my car!  Haven’t been that excited in a long time!  What a feeling!

Had a wonderful time yesterday at my sister’s place (Cathy, in Columbia, MD).  We gathered to celebrate the graduation, successful examination, and hiring of my niece, Amy.  She is a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) out of Penn State, and is specializing in Labor and Delivery.  What an accomplishment!  We are so proud of her!AsYouDream

All my usual backyard birds are feeding.  I haven’t seen the red bellied woodpecker for a while, but the downy is still around.  And this summer I have seen, for the first time, what I believe is a female downy.  Makes me hope there are little downies around somewhere.

Until next week….


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