End of Week 164 – Transitioning…

MoreMorningGlory 002

I finally got on the scale yesterday and I’m holding my own, which is fine.  Considering what has been going on the past two or three weeks (what with vertigo and all), I’ll take not gaining all day and twice on Sunday (as my son likes to say).

I got a lot more exercise last week.  I believe I did something each of the five working days.  On Wednesday and Friday I went to the Zumba class with a couple of my diet buddies.  My back knotted up immediately and my knee screamed, but I did the whole class both times.  It was like starting all over.  However, my back and my knee got better last time and I’m sure they will again.

I talked to William about training.  When I asked him if he thought he could help a frumpy 62-year-old lady with a bad knee and a back that knots up he said, “That’s what I do.  I deal with injuries and help people get back in shape despite them.”  He is a friendly, pleasant individual.  I think I’m going to try to train with him as soon as I can afford to buy 10 sessions, which should be soon since I’m getting ready to pay off my car!  Ten sessions costs just about the same as one of my car payments.  I’ve never had a personal trainer before.  It should be an interesting experience.

I am not a gardener.  In fact, I’m not a plant person at all – more of an animal person.  However, I like the way nature decorates the outdoors without people even trying.  This week’s picture is of wild flowers (morning glories I think) that are growing in my back yard.  I took it this morning before the heat got too bad and forced the blossoms to close.  Today our heat index is supposed to break 100F.

Busy day today – shopping for a new recliner for my husband, a couple of fans for the house, doing laundry, and other things.  Just plowing ahead trying to get through the heat of summer.

Until next week….


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