End of Week 162 – The Vertigo Continues…


No real reason for posting my mom’s picture here this week except that I’m still not feeling well.  You know how when you’re sick you want your mom – whether that’s possible or not?  Well, I’ve been at that point for a couple of days. Yeah, the vertigo is still here.  Which means no gym and a totally wasted vacation.

Well, not totally wasted.  It is time for Wimbledon, and my son and I have had a good time watching some of the more interesting matches during the day.  Like Brown vs. Nadal yesterday.  We do not play tennis, but we have a general interest in most sports and enjoy watching almost anything.  We are definitely looking forward to the Women’s World Cup final on Sunday!

Happy Independence Day to all my family and friends out there!  I wonder if we can celebrate our history, which includes our diversity, without trying to eliminate any part of it or trying to make any particular group feel as though they don’t belong.  You may think I’m referring to undocumented immigrants or African-Americans or other ethnic/racial minorities.  Well, not exclusively.  I’m also referring to the descendants of those who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War.  I do not have a personal stake in this issue, but I can understand if this group feels they are being told they should act as though their past did not happen.

Don’t misunderstand.  I do not feel the Confederate battle flag should fly over federal, state, or local government buildings.  It is not a current symbol.  In my mind it has nothing to do with how a particular group feels about the flag.  The displays over government buildings should be limited to current representative flags simply as a matter of protocol.

The flip side of this is I am vehemently against revisionist history.  This began with one disturbed young man committing a heinous crime after having his picture taken holding the Confederate battle flag.  A picture that was, unfortunately, spread all over the world by our 24-hour news industry.  Those who have always wanted the flag removed from government flagpoles jumped on the image and used it to fan the flames of unrest.

If it had stopped at that I would not have a problem with their effort. I agree flags that aren’t current governmental symbols should not fly over government buildings (with the exception of emergency symbols, like the Code Purple flag for extreme cold).  My reasons may be different from theirs, but the goal is the same.

But, it didn’t stop there.  As days went by there were many reports of others rushing to remove the battle flag from various things and places.  Retailers fell over each other trying to be the first to cleanse their inventory of it.  This has been widely reported.

There were calls to remove other Confederate memorials, and some of them were vandalized.  There has been almost no news coverage of these events.  Expected, but interesting nonetheless.  This is abhorrent behavior, not because it has anything to do with the Confederacy, but because, first, any vandalism is wrong (and, I thought, illegal).

Second, to demand the removal of memorials and other public remembrances of any documented time in our history is an attempt at that thing I hate – revisionist history.  There are legitimate reasons for these memorials.  Why can’t a military leader be honored, even if he was Confederate?  He is still a true part of history.  Why can’t those whose ancestors fought for the South and paid the ultimate price honor them?  They are family and a true part of history – just as much as those who fought and died for the Union.

So, the acknowledgement of the Confederacy and the various things it stood for (slavery was far from the only issue) makes some uncomfortable?  Good!  It should make us ALL uncomfortable.  We need to make sure we are aware of our history from ALL points of view; know EVERYONE who contributed for good or for bad.  We must face up to our COMPLETE history, learn from it, and move forward to make a better world using history’s lessons.

Ok, rant completed.  Until next week….


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