End of Week 160 – Another year….

Keep Place Alive

I didn’t weigh this week.  Between my birthday and traveling I just didn’t have the chance.  Besides, I ate things I normally avoid like the plague – like cake a la mode.  Exercise went well.  I got to the gym at least once each day, and got there twice three out of five days.  I’m hoping the same thing happens this week.  I might be able to go twice four out of five days.

My birthday was Thursday.  I heard from my friends and family through Facebook, and my immediate family gave me remote start for my car, the aforementioned cake a la mode, and I didn’t have to cook dinner.

One of the most important things about this birthday is I can now file for Social Security.  Yep, I turned 62.  I am still working full-time with no plans to retire in the next year, so I’m not filing for SS, but there is something comforting about knowing you can retire if you want.  It is freeing.  I no longer feel trapped by my economic circumstances.  It’s not my job.  I like my job.  It’s just good having the freedom to choose – knowing that my options are not limited to working.

All week, at least since last Wednesday, the news has been devoted to a mass shooting in Charleston, SC.  A single young man walked into a historic black church, sat with the Bible study group for an hour, and then pulled a gun and killed 6 women and 3 men in the group.  It was a hate crime; not because the shooter was white but because all the indicators left by the shooter – his manifesto, his on-line activity, etc. – expressed racial hatred.  That is how an act should be judged; individually and not as an expression of general societal problems.  An act is not a hate crime just because the perpetrator is white, although, you’d never know it listening to most of the talking heads on TV.  I ache for those affected.  This was a horrendous act.  Let the justice system do its job and stop politicizing it.

On a happier note, Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband.  He’s the best father a kid could want!  Remembering my father and grandfathers as well.  I’ve been blessed to have good men in my life.

Until next week…


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