End of Week 158 – OUCH!


Ok, I haven’t made much progress on my weight, but I have made some on getting more active.  Last Friday I went to a “Zumba with Weights” class at my new gym.  I really enjoyed it, but now my neck and shoulders are SCREAMING! However, I am planning on the following schedule: Monday through Thursday – morning elliptical and short workout at second gym at lunch; Friday – lunch Zumba with weights at second gym.  Just keep plugging along.

I really miss my mom, but yesterday I got the chance to do something that reminded me of her so much, it was almost overwhelming.  Yesterday they ran the Belmont Stakes in New York and I watched (on TV) American Pharoah (yes, the word is misspelled in the horse’s official name) win the Triple Crown.  As I was screaming myself hoarse in the middle of my living room, my mind pictured my mother running into our kitchen in Fincastle, VA, after watching Secretariat do the same thing.

“Oh my God!” she yelled. “That horse just won the Belmont by 13 lengths!”  It was June 9, 1973 and I was home from college.  I don’t follow horse racing closely, and I was surprised at how excited my mother was when Secretariat made history.  But it made an impression on me – enough that each year since then I have hoped for a Triple Crown winner.  Affirmed came along in 1978, but since then there has been a drought.

As American Pharoah made his victory run after the race I looked up and shouted, “Hey, Mom, I’ve finally seen MY Secretariat!!”  I just wish she had been here for it.

A week of clouds and rain has not been good for my petunias. They are looking a little bedraggled.  Today is clear, sunny, breezy, and not very warm – in other words, perfect!  I hope having more sun will bring the blossoms back.

Until next week…


4 thoughts on “End of Week 158 – OUCH!

  1. Quinn I must admit I have not read your blog in awhile. I read this one and continued going back to see what I have missed. I am back to April 19 and will keep going. I forgot how entertaining, thought provoking and inspirational these blogs are. Keep it up…

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