End of Week 157 – Another year….


I’m making very slow progress in my weight, but that’s better than none.  I joined the second gym last Monday and worked out twice on my own.  I also attended a Zumba class on Wednesday.  If I can get there Tuesday and Thursday at lunch on my own, and go to Zumba classes Wednesday and Friday, I think maybe I can make some more progress.  This is all in addition to my early morning elliptical work at my original gym.

There has been so much going on this week – a couple more shootings (they happen so often that now they almost seem commonplace); violent weather in the middle of the country (hoping my family in Texas can avoid flood damage); Bob Schieffer retiring from CBS; our US Sec. of State breaking his leg in a bike accident; our friend, CJ, debuting as a driver in the NASCAR Xfinity Series; Beau Biden losing his battle against brain cancer (not a complete surprise, but so sad nonetheless).  It has been one of those weeks where you just put your head down and keep moving forward, regardless.

Only because I’ve always mentioned it, I should say that I’ve been writing this blog for another year – the anniversary is around Memorial Day, which was last weekend.  Looking at the number of weeks involved, I guess that makes three years.  Not many people read it, but that’s never been the reason for writing it.  It keeps me focused on what I’m trying to do pertaining to losing weight, and gives me an outlet to talk about other things like family, politics, world/national events, etc.  I like doing it, and that’s all that really counts I guess.

The indigo buntings have moved on; haven’t seen them this week.  However, the downy and red-bellied woodpeckers have returned.  Of course, the cardinals, blue jays, gold finches, black-capped chickadees, doves and wrens never leave.  Oh, and the squirrels.  Must not forget the squirrels.

Well, time to go water my petunias. Haven’t killed them yet! LOL!

Until next week….


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