End of Week 155 – Proving What Humans Are Full Of….

I haven’t weighed recently.  It has been an unusual couple of weeks, mainly due to medical stuff.  Exercise has been sporadic and diet has ranged from the forbidden to a clear liquid diet.

Last week I had my second colonoscopy.  That was where the clear liquid diet came in.  It is true what everyone says about this procedure.  It’s not the test – it’s the prep.  The prep, while improved since my first one eight years ago, is still torture.  Citrus is not my favorite flavoring anyway, but now I never want to taste lemon again.  One thing that has not changed is having to spend most of the night before the procedure in the bathroom.  Just proves what we’ve always known.  Humans are full of $#!T.  The one thing I like about this test is that the doctor I go to tells you what he found as soon as you wake up, and my results were good.

On a weight loss note, we have a new thing going on at work.  Many in my area are now wearing Fitbit devices of one sort or another.  I try to wear mine during the work week, but I haven’t tied into the competition the others are into.  I enjoy measuring my steps each day.

I really like my gym, but I’m going to make a couple of trips to another gym in town that some of my diet buddies use.  This Wednesday I’ll probably go to a Zumba class with them at lunchtime.  I also have a couple of free passes so I can try out the equipment.  I want to meet William, the owner.  I understand he is very helpful when it comes to coaching.  I may join this gym, but I’m not giving up the one I go to each morning. There is something to be said for habit, and I’ve become one of the morning crowd there.

I am taking the first small step on a different journey this week.  On Tuesday I have a meeting with the Pensions area of the State.  I will receive figures and information about what things will be like financially when I retire.  At this point I’m hoping that day will come sooner rather than later, but the one thing I’m concerned about is our health insurance.  I will learn about that at the meeting.

We are all under some stress here right now, for reasons I won’t go into here.  However, I am trying to remain calm and take things one day at a time.  That’s all you can do, right?

Until next week…


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