End of Week 153 – A Beautiful Day….

DoverDays2015Weighed yesterday and was down three pounds.  Not sure why, but my exercise went well this week.  My diet buddies at work are really getting back into it.  We all have Fitbits and are trying to link up.

Today is sunny, warm, and perfect for Old Dover Days.  My son and I went there and walked all around.  There were food vendors, craft vendors, live music, carnival type games, various demonstrations, and TONS of people!  It has been a while since I’ve spent that much time out in the sun.  I have to be careful of my skin (already have had a couple of basal cell places removed).  But it was fun!

Congrats to my niece, Amy Elizabeth, who is graduating from Penn State in nursing!

I work for the State.  I’ve been there more than 25 years.  We just found out that the State is stepping up its “poor mouthing”.  We are all aware that no one joins the State to get rich.  The benefits are decent (not the best in Delaware, but not too bad).  Most of us stay because of the health insurance, and the occasional perk, like being able to attend training conferences and getting tuition reimbursement for college.  Well, we just found out there will be no more travel and no more tuition reimbursement.  Next week is, I think, Public Employees Appreciation Week.  I can’t wait until I get the usual emails from people like Gov. Markell and the Sec of State.  I’m going to send them the memo I just saw and tell them to save their breath.

Until next week….


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