End of Week 152 – What’s there to say….

Still no progress on the weight.  I’m pretty discouraged, I must say.  Spring is supposed to be a time of renewal, so I’m trying to look at things that way, but solutions are not presenting themselves.  Or, maybe I’m just not seeing them.

I must brag about my son.  He is having much more success at losing weight than I.  He is now less than 5 pounds away from his goal weight.  I try to see what he is doing so I can try it, but so much of it is that he is male and he is young.  No way I can duplicate that! LOL!  I’m just glad he has accomplished this while he is young.  If he maintains this long-term his later years will be much easier.

I’m still trying to figure out how to get more exercise.  Some coaching would be nice.  I’d love to train with someone.  However, that takes extra money.  If I had any extra money there are other things that would be higher priority.

Once again the national news was filled with stories of protesters.  This week it was in Baltimore, and again it is about a police-associated death. In this case, the victim was in custody.  The question is what caused a mysterious injury to his spinal cord?

Something obviously out of the ordinary happened to this unfortunate man.  More than one investigation is underway to find out what happened.  So, what’s going on now?  Protests in downtown Baltimore.  People marching with signs demanding justice in various forms.  People acting violently.  People being idiots.  I say that because their actions do not make sense.  There is a time for everything, and the timing of these protests is way off.

Questions and observations:

1. The protests began immediately after the news of the death first broke.  Do these protesters really think a summary rush to judgment in 24 hours without a thorough investigation is justice?

2. To demand “justice” without wanting to wait for the truth tells me these protesters are not really demonstrating against the specific incident.  They are demonstrating because they know it will attract the national news media.  They want their 15 minutes of fame, and their 30 seconds on the CBS Evening News.

3. I’d like to know how many outside agitators are involved in these demonstrations.  Starting with Ferguson, MO, outsiders have been a problem in most of these situations.

4. The protesters, who appear to function without rules, are bullying those who must follow all the rules – authority figures like mayors and chiefs of police. Watching various higher-ups talk to the press honestly gives me the impression they are frightened of the protesters.  That’s sad.  They are either frightened, or they really have made up their minds before all the facts are in. That’s worse.

5. A subset to the “15 minutes of fame” – These days fame does not necessarily have to come from being on the national news.  Social media is just as effective.  You think Big Brother is watching?  Little Brother (aka any idiot with a cell phone) is much more dangerous.  Amateurs posting questionable videos on social media sites are a big reason I think our right to a fair trial is in serious jeopardy.

What will be the result of all this?  First, I’m afraid cops everywhere are going to get to the point of not being able to arrest people who belong to certain societal groups.  That doesn’t necessarily mean race.  It could be religion or sexual orientation or anything that others think is different.  Second, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw an exodus from police forces.  Would you subject yourself to this type of thing if you had something else you could do?  Third, could this result in a police officer shortage?  I can’t see parents encouraging their children to go into law enforcement knowing it means they probably lose their right to a fair trial if something goes wrong.

Once the Baltimore investigations are complete we will know what needs to be done.  Until then, these protesters should mind their own business and stop trying to influence the results.

Until next week…


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