End of Week 151 – Blah…

Mikey In TUAGained a pound or two.  Not sure why since I watched my eating and had an exceptional exercise week.  It is one of those unexplained setbacks that happen sometimes, and is probably why I’ve been feeling a little down lately.

Ever get the feeling you are not accomplishing anything?  That’s what I’m feeling now.  I need to accomplish something.  Currently, I’m just getting up, going to the gym, going to my job, coming home, doing chores, going to bed – day after day after day.  Don’t misunderstand; I like my daily life for the most part.  I enjoy calm and uneventful – it’s not excitement I’m looking for.

I enjoy doing things that have an end goal.  This project is a good example, but right now I’m having a problem with it.  I’ll keep working on it of course.  But, I like doing things that let me know I’ve gotten to a certain point and done well.  Karate is like that.  The belts are punctuation along the journey.  My black belt is one of my prized possessions.

Another good example is school.  I think what I really want to do now is go back to school for a Masters, but I can’t afford it.  At almost 62 I am too old to get into the amount of debt that would be required to obtain a degree.  And if I am going to school, I sure as hell want a degree at the end of it.

Besides, what would I study?  My background suggests an MBA, or something involving management.  Ain’t no way.  I am ready to retire, and the one thing I do not want to do after I retire is stay in business.  Obviously, I love to write.  There is an MFA in creative writing, but they are expensive and really needed only if one wants to teach writing at the college level.  I think I would find political science interesting – perhaps I should look into programs at our local community college.  Well, we’ll see.  Our community college would be cheaper.

And speaking of school, I must mention that my son was just inducted into the NU Chapter of TUA, the honors fraternity for social services, at Wilmington University.  We are SO proud of him!

I’m sure I’ll find something eventually.  Meantime I’ll just try to concentrate on writing and on getting my weight loss going again.  I’m going to talk to my friends at work.  They always make me feel better.

Until next week….


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