End of Week 147 – Time to revamp…

Holding my own, but that is not enough for me now.  Obviously, the plan needs revising.  I must find something to kick start my weight loss!  To do this I must approach the plan through its components – diet and exercise.  I must find out where I have strayed from the “great equation” (eat less plus move more equals weight loss).

Ok, diet first.  Considering how I currently eat, I don’t think the amount of food is the problem.  I need to improve WHAT I am eating.  I need more dark green leafy foods – dark salads, broccoli, and the like.  Not only are dark green veggies generally healthier, but I need the magnesium found in them to help me fend off Type 2 Diabetes and get rid of belly fat.  Luckily, I happen to like veggies.

Next, I need to root out the processed sugar.  I do not drink sugared drinks, and do not drink a lot of diet sodas.  I drink water and sometimes add powdered flavoring to it, but never sugared flavoring.  Most of the processed sugar I eat can be summed up in one word – COOKIES!  I also love ice cream, but have been sticking to Weight Watchers brand for quite a while, and have cut way back on it.  No, the biggest culprit currently is definitely the cookie.  Today I am going to the store and I am going to buy ONLY those cookies I can ignore (my husband and I like completely different types).

So, the food revamp will involve research on ways to incorporate more dark green veggies and other healthy foods/magnesium (thank heaven the weather is getting warmer), and mourning the loss of my cookies.

Second, exercise.  I actually did pretty well this week.  Got to the gym all five days and had to cut the time short only once.  But that does not mean there isn’t room for improvement.  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is all the rage now, and I discovered that I pretty much do that on the elliptical already.  On my iPod I have “sprint” songs and “cruise” songs and my iPod always seems to distribute the two types evenly.  Plus, there are certain songs during which I speed up at the choruses and guitar solos.  What I’d like to do is, after work, either go back to the gym for some resistance training or come home in my gym clothes and get on the treadmill.  Perhaps I can alternate days.  Come home Monday, Wednesday and Friday; resistance at the gym Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This will be a little difficult to implement next week since I have to take a day off for medical reasons and then have another appointment the following day, but even a partial improvement is better than nothing.  Of course all this is in addition to my morning sessions on the elliptical, not in place of them.

As is always the case with major revamps, I am going to try to implement this new plan for a couple of weeks before I weigh again.  The body and its systems need a little time to begin reacting to the new environment.  And at work I will share this with my diet buddies.  Maybe we can make it work together!

Until next week….


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