End of Week 146 – The Transition Continues…

MikeysShowAgain2014Lost 1.5 pounds, so I’m starting to go in the correct direction.  I need to stay away from most ice cream, even most Weight Watchers ice cream.  I always do better when I don’t eat ice cream.  Naturally, it is my absolute favorite food.  Oh, well.

Got through the anniversary well.  Now I’m sitting here watching a squirrel eat all the sunflower seed from one of my bird feeders.  It’s ok; they gotta eat too.  Something just scared him away, but he comes right back.  A downy woodpecker was taking advantage of the suet cake I just put out.  It is windy today, a little cool but not bad. I’m kind of at a point where I’m not sure what to do with myself.  I want to write, but I don’t know what.  I want to speed up my weight loss a little, but I don’t know what changes to make.

Part of the problem is there are things hanging over my head.  Last week someone “rear-ended” me.  Not my fault, but I still have to take my car to the shop and will be without it for a period of time.  There will be a rental, but I HATE driving someone else’s vehicle.  This little trial begins Wednesday.  Later I’ll have to go to court because I couldn’t find my insurance card at the accident scene.  I’ve been with my car insurance company since before my son was born in 1988, but now I have to go to court and show them my card.  The charge will be dropped once they see the card, but it still disrupts my routine.

It’s things like the accident that have an effect on everyday life.  Other things, like stuff I hear in the news, do not affect me directly, but they bother me nonetheless.  I have a problem understanding how we can just sit and watch groups like ISIS commit the atrocities they seem to think are justified.  I suppose we are helping those fighting ISIS somehow, and a lot of what we do may not be for public consumption, but just knowing there are groups filled with such hate gives me a bad feeling about the world.  Additionally, although I am not particularly religious, it still bothers me that those monsters think there is a supreme being that approves of what they are doing.

And then there are the events that just make you shake your head.  The GOP letter to Iran is a good example.  There have been cries of “treason!” over this.  I am not enough of a constitutional scholar to know if the action was treasonous, but I do know that if the roles of the parties in this were reversed we would already be hearing about congressional hearings and calls for a special prosecutor.  And we wonder why Congress never gets anything done.  (Actually, I think most of us have stopped wondering.)

On a lighter note, Fate Eternal (my son’s metal band) is playing tonight at Shay’s Pub in Salisbury, MD.  They played two weeks ago, and then they were asked back!  That’s progress!  I like their music.

Until next week….


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