End of Week 143 – More of the Same…

Still no loss, no gain. Still snowy, still cold. The second anniversary of my mom’s passing is coming up in a couple of weeks.  I’ve really had enough of this time of year.  In August I’m sure I’ll be saying the same thing about the heat. LOL!

At least I can enjoy my backyard birds.  I managed to keep the feeders filled despite the snow and frigid temps.  This morning I have been watching cardinals, wrens, slate-colored Juncos, titmice, blue jays, goldfinches, chickadees, and even a mockingbird. The mockingbirds usually stay in the front yard for some reason, but like any other animal, they go where the food is.  There are at least a dozen birds of various types at the feeders at any one time. And, of course, the squirrels. I love watching all of them!

My son and his band, Fate Eternal, are playing a heavy metal show in Salisbury, MD tonight. The place is Shay’s Pub and Fate Eternal will be appearing with three other bands.  The weather is a little warmer today and their drummer actually got the day off work, so things seem to be coming together. I wish I could see the show, but I have to get up and go to work tomorrow so I can’t stay up that late.

My husband is always cold, so the heat inside is too much.  And he wonders why we have a $500 electric bill.  He watches nothing but true crime, Law and Order, and NASCAR so I have to hear all that the whole time I’m trying to sit at this computer and write.  Just now he went into what used to be my office and got on our treadmill.  He turned on the TV in there and left the TV in the living room on the same channel, so I get NASCAR in mis-timed stereo. I went in the living room and turned off the TV – that was a little relief at least.  I have missed so many TV shows that sound interesting to me because I lost that office.  Good thing I am not a TV addict (I think my husband is). I’ve tried to watch some shows on the computer, but they always freeze mid-way through.  It just does not work. I am addicted to writing and reading. Thank heaven those activities can be done without TV!

The cats, especially Olyvia, make writing challenging as well.  She loves to lay on my keyboard and on me.  She also loves to sit on my desk and watch the birds out the dining room window.  That’s entertainment!

Until next week….

OlyviaFeb2015 002


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