End of week 141 – Winter Blahs…

Lost two pounds; almost finished with the holiday damage.  Did pretty well working out and sticking to the eating plan.  I’d really like to make some progress before Spring arrives.  That way I won’t have to use the best weight loss time (warmer weather) to fix damage.  I want to be able to make new progress then.

Now I know what they mean by “winter doldrums”.  It is very difficult to get any enthusiasm up for working out, or anything else, this time of year.  It’s not the way the world looks.  In this area we have barren trees, but they are punctuated by evergreen firs and hollies.  My bird feeders attract tons of cardinals, chickadees, gold finches in their drab winter coats, wrens, titmice, blue jays, and squirrels.  Even the woodpeckers are still around.  Most of the birds that feed here are year-round residents.  And it’s not Seasonal Affective Disorder – I get to see plenty of light daily since I have a window in my office that I face most of the time.

Not sure what it is, but there is hope on the horizon.  This morning I am watching robins and starlings fly around.  Of course, the starlings are attacking the bird feeders and the suet, but it means spring is coming, sooner or later.  Last winter I saw robins all season.  They never went away in the cold weather.  This year they have been in hiding for a while, but seem to be back now.

My husband is trying to replace a doorknob on our bedroom door.  I hear him expressing his frustration rather colorfully.  I may go in the back yard and work on the bird feeders until he is finished.

Until next week….


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