End of Week 140 – Did I Say Normal?

Still holding my own – didn’t gain, didn’t lose.  Not bad considering my husband was home cooking all week.  He got the flu – the real thing (yep, he is now part of the statistics. LOL!)  Made me realize how dependent I am on my “normal” schedule.  I count on being on my own for dinner a couple of nights a week.  I was exposed to too much food last week.  However, I did make it to the gym all five days.

Found myself giving advice to my son’s best friend today.  He is still trying to find his way regarding a career.  His love is film and he has a Masters in that area.  I’ve been sending him links to various job openings I see on-line.  They don’t have anything to do with film, but they would be full-time with benefits.  Today I told him that very few people get to pay the bills doing what they really love.  Most of us have a vocation and an avocation. That’s where our hobbies come in.  The secret is not hating what you have to do to pay the bills.  It may not be your first love, but as long as doing it does not make you totally miserable you can usually get through to your free time when you can pursue your hobbies.

I’m a perfect example.  I want to write.  I LOVE to write.  I do some writing in my day job, but not the type in which I am truly interested.  However, I like my day job.  I have a good office, great staff, nice boss and I’ve been there long enough to be comfortable with our subject matter (banking, in my case).  I’m approaching retirement and I think I may be able to write more once I get there, but in the meantime I am ok with my situation.  We just need to make what free time we have count for something.

It is SuperBowl Sunday.  Oh, goodie.  I like the commercials, but I have to sit through the game to see all of them.  What a waste of time.  I’ll probably be reading “All the Light We Cannot See” between commercials.  Or, maybe doing word games on my Kindle.

We are expecting wet (not snowy, thank heaven) weather tomorrow.  I stocked up on my bird feeding supplies and am now watching the cardinals, wrens, chickadees, and squirrels feast.  Love my backyard animals!

Until next week….


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