End of Week 138 – A Little Progress On All Fronts…

Lost two pounds, so I have three to go to fix the holiday damage.  This coming week is going to be a little different.  Monday is a holiday, so my son and I have agreed to try to get to the gym together that morning.  I really want to since I will probably have to miss my workout Friday.

The Office of Management and Budget decided I am qualified for the position I mentioned last week.  It took OMB a long time to come up with that, but only an additional 24 hours to hear from the Division of Corporations about an interview.  That is this coming Friday in the morning, so I don’t think I’m going to the gym beforehand.

I’m in a good position regarding this job interview.  I really like my current job, the people I work with, and our agency.  The only reason I applied for this position is money.  It is two steps above my current level.  So, I’m ok if I don’t get offered since I still have a great job and a great situation.  That negates a lot of the pressure I would normally feel.  Even if I do get an offer, I’ll have to think about it – that’s how much I like where I am.  I think I am not-so-secretly hoping my boss (yes, I am telling him about the interview) will suggest we change my current position to the one for which I am interviewing.  It would take some time, but I’d be willing to hang in there if there was a real effort to get it done.  After 25 years I think I deserve it, but things are tight with the State so there may not be room for that kind of move.  I understand how that works.

It has been a VERY long time since I’ve prepared for an interview.  I’m planning what to wear and what documentation to bring.  I need three professional references, and I think I’ll bring my resume and a couple of writing samples just for good measure.  I believe I’ll be taking a writing test at the interview – that should not be too difficult, unless it is overly technical regarding the Uniform Commercial Code.

We still have not rearranged the living room.  Maybe tomorrow.  I want to see if it is going to work.  And I want to try to get some writing done besides this blog.  In any event, it is going to be an interesting seven days.

Until next week….


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