End of Week 137 – Ok, now what?

Still stuck, but I’m beginning to feel like my systems may be getting back into gear.  After all this time I’ve gotten to the point where I know how it feels when things are working, and when they aren’t.  Last couple of weeks I said I thought I was around 265.  Well, I actually weighed this week and I am exactly 265.  Experience is a great teacher.

I’ve been watching the backyard birds.  The late afternoon sun angles in and lights up the male cardinals brilliantly.  All the birds are sharp and clear, with gorgeous colors. I love the way morning and evening sun makes everything sharper.  No surprise this type of lighting is a favorite of painters and photographers!

It is very cold today, so I am trying to make some navy bean soup with ham.  It smells good in the slow cooker.  I just hope it is done in time for a reasonable dinner hour.  I started it around 10 or 11 this morning.

I think we may rearrange the living room tomorrow.  We need more room to walk through and the problem seems to be the shape of the room.  It is a lot longer than it is wide.  Of course, it means moving the TV, which will not be easy, but we will do it.

I applied for a job in another state agency and am waiting to hear if the infamous Office of Management and Budget computer system thinks I am qualified.  That is the first step.  It is almost funny.  An automated system in OMB is the first hurdle in the hiring process.  Like they know anything about the positions being filled???  A computer can’t possibly know about our banking positions or specialty positions in corporations for example, and the people in OMB know even less!  Oh, well.  We’ll see….

Until next week….


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