Christmas Season Continues….

Well, I’m holding my own through holiday parties, shopping, and other activities of the season.  I’m also fighting a cold with lots of congestion, but I was expecting it since my husband and son were sick before Thanksgiving.

Watching the news, I’ve noticed something interesting.  This past week CBS News had a three-day series of talking to panels of different folks about today’s police forces.  They talked to mayors because they are mayors.  They talked to chiefs of police because they are chiefs of police.  Finally, they talked to a group of “young people”.  As a member of the Baby Boomer generation I have question.  What are we, chopped liver?

A couple of the mayors and chiefs of police were obviously Boomers, but that is not why they were on their panel.  There did not appear to be any effort to talk to people like me; non-official, regular, everyday adults who have just retired or may be approaching retirement.  Nor did there appear to be any effort to talk to the people whose property was destroyed during the riots everyone now seems to be justifying.

I do not pretend to know the answers to these problems and I try not to judge.  However, I am really tired of hearing just one side of this issue.  And no one has satisfactorily answered the question: Where were all these people when Dillon Taylor was killed in Salt Lake City in August?

The incident was caught on a body camera.  I watched the footage.  It does not answer anything or prove whether the action was justified. There was too much sun glare and most of the action was out of frame.  But that is not the point since the footage would not have been released immediately.  My question is where was the immediate outrage of the outside agitators that has been so prominent in Missouri, New York and Ohio?  The point being, the anger and concern for the victims is very selective and only under certain conditions.

Personally, I feel for all of them and for the police who at this point probably feel as though they could be publicly skewered for writing a speeding ticket.

Until next week….


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