End of Week 129 – The Pattern Continues…

Weighed in at 260.  I hate when I lose the progress in the “tens” place, but now I know where I am.  This has turned into a “hiatus” – one of those breaks I have to take occasionally that usually ends in me figuring out a way to tweak my eating or exercise so I can make some more progress.

This time it is the eating.  The health coach I have through work and the trainer I talked to at the gym both want me to get away from the frozen lunches because of the sodium.  They suggested I cook and pack lunches at home.  Like I have the time for that.  I did, however, manage to package leftover dinner for lunch most days.  I think that may be why I gained a pound.  The great thing about the frozen lunches is that I always know the calorie count.  That’s hard to know when you pack a homemade meal. Besides, I really like the frozen lunches.

I have hit upon a compromise.  I’ve purchased several packages of steam-in-the-bag vegetables like broccoli florets and brussels sprouts.  I’ll eat a bag of veggies for lunch Monday, Wednesday and Friday; and a frozen lunch Tuesday and Thursday.  I’ll cut back on my sodium, know exactly how many calories I’m ingesting, and still have enough lunch variety to satisfy my “creature of habit” self.  We’ll see.

I worked out all five workdays last week.  This week I will probably miss Monday (tomorrow) because I need to get tests done at the hospital for my upcoming physical. I will, however, go to the gym Tuesday through Friday.  I still need to start core work.  Maybe this week.

Until next week….


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