End of Week 127 – Inching Forward…

As of 10/31/14, weight 259.  Down one pound!  It may not sound like much, but the number in the “tens” place changed, and I’ll take that all day!

I stuck to my eating plan and went to the gym all five days this week in the hopes that I could limit the anticipated stall in losing.  Losing a pound after the previous week’s big loss is a victory.

I haven’t been eating the best this weekend. I’m sure if I weighed now I would see an increase.  However, that is the reason we don’t weigh more than once per week.  By next Friday or Saturday the scale will reflect closer to the net effect of my behavior all week than the temporary slips of yesterday.

Midterm elections are Tuesday.  The talking heads keep asking if the Republicans will take back the Senate.  My response to that is, “Who cares?”  Nothing much has been done for years with a split legislature and a Democratic executive branch.  If the Republicans take the Senate the margin of majority will be so slim that all the President has to do is sit in the Oval Office with his Veto stamp on his desk.  It will be another two years of doing nothing.  In 2016 maybe things will change, but whether it will be for better or for worse remains to be seen and depends on who you ask.

All I know is I’m sure I will continue to fall behind the economy and sink lower and lower in what is considered “the middle class.”  Remember, as we were growing up, older adults were always referring to being “on a fixed income?”  Well, I am still working full time – my husband is retired on a pension and social security – and somehow I am the one on a fixed income!!  Actually, that is not correct.  That implies I am stalled at the same level.  In truth, I have been losing ground each year (as have most State employees).  So, I am not fixed, I am regressing.  And the older we get, the more life costs.  Oh, well.

November is simultaneously the best and the worst month of the year.  We get a lot of time off from work with Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and use or lose vacation.  We also have to deal with license renewal, which is a real pain.  And then there is getting ready for Christmas.  I just hope I can stay on my plan and continue my journey through The Land of the Great Equation.

Until next week….


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