End of Week 126 – Fits and Starts…

Weight on 10/24, 260.  Down 6 pounds!

This tells me a couple of things.  First, the damage I mentioned last week may have had a lot to do with sodium intake.  Although I did not overeat during that travel weekend, I may have had too many high-sodium foods.  As a result, a lot of my weight last week, and probably all of my gain, might have been fluid.  Since this past week has been particularly good from the perspectives of working out and eating, I would have lost a lot of that fluid.

This is why official weigh-ins should not be more than once per week. Weight fluctuates a lot on a day to day basis, but if you stick to your plan most of the time, your general trend will be down.  Picture a line graph of your weigh-ins.  Look at your progress over the long haul and you’ll see the line graph is ultimately dropping.  It may look like a flight of stairs, or even a mountain range, but in the end the right end of the line will be lower than the left end.

Second, this result supports my “fits and starts” theory.  I’m no scientist for sure, but I have come to believe that our bodies (or at least my body) go through a cycle, again and again, of losing and then stopping and then losing again.  I call it “losing weight in fits and starts.”  It’s a very old saying my grandmother used.  It is why that line graph mentioned earlier may look like stairs or a mountain range instead of a smoothly dropping slope.  I had a very good loss this week.  Next week I may hold my own (or even gain a little if I misbehave).  After a couple of weeks I’ll lose again.  Fits and starts.

It’s as though when the body loses a few pounds it needs to stop and regroup before losing again.  Once it catches up with itself, weight loss begins anew.  The trick is to be patient and consistent in sticking to your plan during those “fits” times.

It certainly feels good to be on the losing path again!  My family and my diet buddies have been there for me the whole time.  A new challenge looms in the coming holidays and cold weather, but that’s ok.  We will survive, and maybe even make progress.  WE CAN DO THIS!!

Until next week….


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