End of Week 125 – Backward….

I’m at 266.  Up one pound, but at least I know exactly why.

We travelled last weekend, to Virginia.  It was an overnight trip in an area where my eating options were restricted.  I didn’t do too badly considering the situation.  There was no grazing, no ice cream or other heavy desserts.  A plate of spaghetti and a breakfast sandwich (with veggie patties instead of sausage) was pretty much it.

The travel interrupted my workouts – that didn’t help either.  And then what always happens, happened.  Every time I really get going on exercise and losing I get a medical problem.  Fortunately, this is just a reaction to something and the effect is limited to the skin in one area.  The last time this happened to me (22 or 23 years ago) I didn’t take measures in time, it got infected, and I wound up REALLY sick.  Not this time, I hope.  I went to the doctor and am following his instructions to the letter.  If this clears up, the worst thing out of this will be some very aggravating itching.  Of course, I lost a day at the gym going to the doctor.

I’m hoping by Monday things will be better and I can have a nice, normal week of good workouts and strict eating plan.  I am NOT going to let my weight go back up!  I spent too long undoing the damage from the Year That Shall Not Be Named.  Besides, I want to make some more progress before going to WDC for the walk in November (and my annual physical is in November).

Not making a lot of progress with my walking.  Now that I have a lumbar support belt I’m hoping to take some walks at work.  We’ll see.

Fall is here.  I have the window open and the air is cool (yes!).  The leaves are turning to their true colors and floating to the ground little by little.  My husband is getting ready to cut the grass for the final time this season.  The cardinals, titmice and various other birds are flocking to my feeders.  I love Fall!

Until next week….


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