End of Week 123 – YES!!!!!

As promised, I am posting numbers again.  Weight 265.  The lowest weight I recorded before (what I have decided to call) “The Year that Shall Not Be Named” happened was 267.  I have reached that and gone two pounds beyond it.  NEW TERRITORY!!  My backtracking is finished!  My journey through the Land of the Great Equation resumes.

So, why are things clicking again?  Some might say don’t question, just go with it, but I need to figure it out so I keep doing what works.  One thing I’ve noticed is my workouts have changed.  Not what I do – I still spend half an hour on the elliptical five mornings a week – but the intensity.  What I’m doing now is close to interval training.  Some may measure in minutes; I use songs on my iPod.  A warm up song and then alternate cruising and sprinting; sometimes both in the same song.  I am sweating more, and according to the machine covering more distance in less time.  This change was not conscious.  It kind of developed on its own.  I didn’t really think about it.  However, it feels good.

As far as my eating is concerned, I continue to credit MyFitnessPal, especially the app on my phone.  I’ve logged my numbers for 60 days in a row and as long as I have the numbers in front of my face it is not difficult to stay within my plan.  It keeps telling me I am not eating enough calories, but that is because it adds the workout calories to the daily allowance.

It is Fall and the hot weather appears to be over.  I’m hoping to go through my favorite season exercising, recording, and losing.  Making progress feels great!!

Until next week….


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