End of Week 121 – Another stall….

Didn’t lose anything this week.  Well, the scale edged down a little, but not enough to officially count.  At least I didn’t gain.  I’m used to my body cooperating for a couple of weeks and then taking a break from losing.  I may get things back in gear if I can re-energize my workouts and stick to my eating plan.  I was on plan this past week, but sometimes the body just stops to readjust, I think.

Writing.  The thing I want to do and can never find the time.  Sometimes I think it is impossible while I still have a day job.  Other people do things outside their regular employment.  Why can’t I?

Admittedly, I am a morning person.  I workout in the morning and do my best work at my day job early in the day.  Don’t ask me to figure out anything complicated after 3:30, and once I get home my brain feels like mush.  Also, I write on a computer.  I spend my day looking at a computer screen so my eyes need a break in the evening.  I’d write  using good ol’ pen and paper (in fact, I’d prefer it in some ways) except my carpal tunnel won’t let me hold a pen long enough to make any progress.  Funny, most people with that condition have a problem keyboarding.  In my case, keyboarding is the one thing I can do for a long time without having my hands go numb.

Well, I’ll figure it out.  Maybe getting a little after-work exercise would recharge my brain cells.  I could take a short walk going right up the street from the office.  Actually, I should start doing that anyway if I am going to walk the 5K for Multiple Myeloma Research in DC in November.  Please contribute to Team Jeanne!

At least my diet buddies were back last week.  We celebrated my 25th anniversary in the office with a bagel breakfast, which I counted and made it fit my total calories for the day.

I’ve said it before, but it is important to keep it in mind – WE CAN DO THIS!!

Until next week….


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