End of Week 120 – High hopes….

Olyvia 123

Lost another pound!  I am two pounds away from reaching my best weight from 2012 and I’m SO ready for new territory on this journey!  Managed to make it to the gym for full workouts all five days and was very successful sticking to the eating plan.

I think one of the most important things I’m doing is drinking lots of water.  GatorAde (trademark) has a bottle that is exactly one quart and has a broad, flat bottom.  So, not only is it easy to measure how much water is consumed, but it is also more difficult to knock over.  At work I usually drink three of these (refilling the bottle with water each time), and one at home.  That’s 16 cups of water a day, a cup being 8 ounces.  Of course, it means staying close to a bathroom, but it is an important part of my plan and is working.

One of the benefits of continuing to lose weight is that walking is getting easier.  It takes longer for the lower back cramping to start.  I am hopeful that by November I will be able to walk the 5K in DC for Multiple Myeloma Research.  Please donate to Team Jeanne!!!

This weekend is PetSmart’s national adoption weekend.  The PetSmart in Dover, DE features kittens and cats from Purrfect Haven Cat Rescue.  We found our Olyvia (pictured here) at PetSmart through Purrfect Haven.  She is wonderful and a great playmate for Sleuthy, our male cat.  If you have been thinking of getting a cat, Purrfect Haven and PetSmart is the way to go!

Time to start another week!  Perhaps next time I’ll be able to say I’ve undone ALL the damage from 2013.  I really hope so.

Until next week….


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