End of Week 119 – Houston, we have a system….

Ok, I know I said I was going to go two weeks before weighing again.  I said I needed time to undo the birthday/holiday weekend damage.  I just couldn’t help it.  I got on the scale Saturday morning AND I WAS DOWN A POUND!  It has been a while since I’ve done my happy dance.

It gave me the courage to go back in this blog and remind myself how far I got in this project before 2013 showed up and unleashed its physical and emotional mayhem.  It was around Thanksgiving of 2012.  That weight is only five pounds away.  Once I reach that weight any progress from there will be new territory as far as my journey through the Land of the Great Equation is concerned.  At that point I will start posting numbers and totals again.

Two of my diet buddies will not be at the office this week.  It will be very quiet at work!

The 5K in DC is just about 2 months away.  I’ve ordered two new pairs of walking shoes.  The weather is supposed to cool off a little and I think I may try to take some short walks at lunch, building up to some longer walks if things work out.  I’m still trying to raise funds.  Please go to my Facebook page for a link to my Multiple Myeloma Research donations page.  Or, go to http://www.themmrf.org to find their events, and look for Team Jeanne.  My motto is “it may not be a bucket of ice for ALS, but Multiple Myeloma Research needs money too!” 

Until next week….


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