End of Week 118 – Birthdays and Dogwoods….

Lost two pounds last week, 18 total.  I’m not sure if I will lose this coming week since this weekend has been a celebration of my son’s 26th birthday and is ending with Labor Day.  When my family celebrates, we eat!!  I have really tried to watch what I eat as much as possible.  We went to a seafood restaurant and I ordered broiled catfish rather than something fried.  However, there also has been ice cream and other sweets specifically for the birthday.  I had some and it was good. 

Now I need to get back to business.  Tomorrow is Labor Day and I will still go to the gym.  I need to start walking as well as having my time on the elliptical, but this coming week is supposed to be really hot.  I may spend some time on the tread mill until it cools down a little. 

I may not weigh next weekend.  One of my strategies during this trip through the Land of the Great Equation is to give myself two weeks after a “break” like this weekend has been.  It is two weeks of strict adherence to the Plan and then a weigh-in, hoping I have managed to lose a little (which means I undid any damage).  I’ve kept up with MyFitnessPal – that helps.

One piece of good news – My “size smaller” jeans arrived and they fit perfectly!  My others were falling off of me.

Never let taking a break from your plan keep you from getting started again!  Breaks are fine (in fact, they are needed!) as long as they are short and you get back to the plan as soon as you can.

My stepdad has let us know that there will be a flowering dogwood tree planted at the church my mom attended (and he still attends) as a “living memorial” to my mom.  The original idea was to plant an olive tree, but the climate in Virginia is not favorable for them. 

The dogwood is the perfect choice, despite not being the first choice.  My mom was a devout Christian – a true, loving, generous, selfless, open-minded Christian.  Not a proselytizing, judgmental fanatic.  I am not religious, but even I know the legend of the dogwood tree.  It says that during the time of Jesus the dogwood was big and strong, like the oak, and its wood was used to make Jesus’ cross.  Jesus sensed that the dogwood was distressed at being used in that way.  He said that the dogwood would, from that point on, be small and twisted with a beautiful blossom shaped like a cross.  There would be a nail mark at the end of each petal and in the center would be a crown of thorns marked with blood.  This is the appearance of the dogwood to this day.

Combine this legend with the fact that the dogwood is the official tree of both Missouri (my mom’s home state) and Virginia (her home for many years), and you can see why the dogwood is the perfect choice.

Until next week….



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