End of Week 116 – More Progress….

Ok, down another two pounds!  I am a creature of habit and I stuck with the plan I’ve been on for the past couple of weeks.  Slowly but surely I am getting to the point where I will be able to say that I have undone  the damage from 2013 – less than 10 pounds away.

This coming week I want to try to get to the gym all five days again.  Tuesday I have a medical test at 8:45am, but I think I can do at least an abbreviated workout.  I’ll just have to be sure to get there early.

Being from St. Louis, MO, I am distressed by the violence in the suburb of Ferguson.  There appears to be more than one problem requiring resolution in this matter.  First, the truth about the initial shooting must be determined and appropriate action taken by the appropriate authorities (and no one else).  Second, some who live in that area need to realize that saying, “We don’t like what happened so we are going to vandalize and loot our own neighborhoods,” is not a healthy response to ANYTHING.  Third, the outside agitators need to mind their own business (especially the Rev. Al Sharpton).  Fourth, the news/media can stop fanning the flames anytime.  It is not doing anyone any good.  In fact, knowing the various national news sources are there is probably what attracted Sharpton and the other outside agitators in the first place. 

I pray for love and light for everyone in Ferguson.

This past week we lost Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall.  I regret the loss of Bacall because she was a bold, feisty, talented woman who knew herself and did not compromise.  Her heyday was a little before my time, but I could still understand the impact she made during her life.  However, I have always been an avid fan of Robin Williams, and his suicide hit me hard.  I did not know him personally, but we lost a child to suicide and I think that makes this all the more upsetting.  I hope this raises awareness of Parkinson’s and Depression/Addiction. 

“What will your verse be?”

Until next week….


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