End of Week 115 – Progress!

I have lost a total of 14 pounds and have just another 10 to go to undo the past damage.  It has taken forever, but I am finally headed in the right direction!

This past week was pretty normal, with the exception of being on that blasted antibiotic.  I worked out all five days and really pushed it most of the time.  Had oatmeal for breakfast every morning – it has less calories and seems to stick with me longer.  I use the kind you cook – not instant – and use Truvia for sweetener.  I’m back on my frozen lunches and have 90 calorie fiber bars for snacks.  Dinner is whatever my husband fixes, or a salad, or leftovers if I’m on my own.  The secret is, of course, controlling portion sizes.

And I drink a LOT of water all day.  It all seems to be working so far.

I’ll be on the antibiotic at least another week – I counted the capsules yesterday.  I think it helps me stay on my plan because it makes my stomach feel weird.  Not sick – just strange.

I’m starting to feel hopeful about being able to walk 3 miles at the MMF Washington DC event in November.  If I can keep losing and keep exercising, I think I can start to incorporate some brief walks soon.  Then maybe I can build up to the 3 miles.  It’s strange.  I can go for a long time on the elliptical, but I can’t walk any distance.  I don’t rest my upper body weight on the elliptical – I always try to stand straight and put my hands lightly on the handles just for balance.  Maybe it’s the lack of impact.  My knees like that.

Most of my diet buddies were gone last week.  They will be back Monday.  I missed them!  I will tell them about my progress and they will tell me about Seattle.  I am looking forward to it.

Until next week….


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