End of Week 114 – Trying to Come Back….

Ribbons 005

If there is a silver lining to being sick, it is that sometimes you can come out of it lighter.  I’ve been eating fairly normally and drinking tons of water this past week.  This morning I weighed and it appears I have four pounds of legitimate weight loss – enough that the digit in the tens place of my weight changed.  That was nice to see.

There is every possibility I will keep this weight off since the antibiotic I am taking tears a hole in my stomach.  I’m following all the instructions – drink tons of water, try to have something on my stomach, etc.  The irony is that the medicine plays havoc with my digestion, and the two things I cannot have while I am taking it are dairy and antacids.  Figures.  I’ll be on this stuff for at least another week.

I hope all this business doesn’t interfere too much with my efforts to get in shape for the 5K walk in November in WDC.  I want to raise money for Multiple Myeloma research.  We, my sisters and I and maybe others, call ourselves Team Jeanne.  If interested in donating to our effort, please go to the MMRF site and look up Teamraiser Races, Washington DC, November 2014.  Be sure to find Team Jeanne.

I’m looking forward to a week that at least approaches normal.  We’ll see…

Until next week….





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