End of Week 113 – It’s times like this….

I weigh quite a bit less right now, but I’m monitoring it because I know some of it will return.

After a great week Monday through Thursday of working out and sticking to my eating plan, I was jarred awake at 2am Friday by the shakes associated with a fever of 103.  My lower right leg was swollen, red and burning hot.  My old staph infection nemesis had attacked me again.  Each time it does this (once every few years) it brings some new symptom.  This time it was nausea and dry heaving – a first for this bug.

The fever finally dropped to a level where I could get to the ER on Sunday.  Met a wonderful doctor who let me come home after a lot of blood collecting and IV infusion, IF I promised to get my ass back there if the leg doesn’t improve.  If it gets better I’m to follow up with my regular doctor to get the results of the test for Lyme Disease.  I really hope I don’t have that!

I ate nothing solid after Thursday night until Sunday dinner.  Obviously, I weighed less Sunday, not having eaten in three days.  Also, I was severely dehydrated.  So, I figure a lot of that weight loss will come back as I recover and get back to regular eating and drinking.  By the end of this week I should know if any “real” weight loss has happened.

It’s times like this I miss my mom even more than usual.

I suppose it’s one way to kick start a diet, but I don’t recommend it.

Until next week….


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