End of Week 112 – A Little More Progress…

Ribbons 005

Down one pound.  Not bad considering we had birthday cake at work twice last week. LOL!  It probably helped that I got to the gym all five days last week and went early enough to do a full workout that I could really push. 

Now that I am pushing myself during my workouts again, I am noticing things.  Like sweat.  I am really sweating again during these sessions.  It made me wonder, when did I stop sweating during my time at the gym?  When did I stop getting a little winded?  Obviously, I have been slacking for a while.  I have, hopefully, fixed that now.

I have decided to join my sisters in Washington DC on November 16th for the Multiple Myeloma Race for Research 5K Run/Walk.  Believe me when I say I will be walking, not running.  We will be “Team Jeanne” after my Mom, of course.  I hope I can raise some money.  I’m definitely not able to walk 3 miles now, but if I really buckle down, lose some weight, and work out; I should be able to do it by mid-November, right?  Even if I can’t, I’ll be there to support Mary, Cathy, and everyone else out there (my son may go with me – what fun!).

We will see how things go, but I am feeling more and more like I felt two years ago.  Feeling more and more like we can do this!

Until next week….


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