End of Week 109 – Break time….

Holding my own, but no real progress.  This is getting frustrating. 

I got to the gym four out of five days last week, and three of those workouts were really good.  I got there early and was able to spend extra time on the elliptical and even used a couple of weight machines.  Not sure why I’m not making progress, but I’ll keep looking at my exercise and eating until I figure it out.

I am on vacation this coming week.  I am not traveling so I will still get to the gym, at least most of the days.  The big challenge will be to keep from overeating.  I’m trying to line up projects, like more writing, to keep busy and away from food.

I’m looking forward to the 4th of July.  Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays – not sure why.  I’m patriotic, but not the type that goes around waving the flag ALL the time.  Perhaps it is that Independence Day is a fairly relaxed holiday.  We are not bound by obligations to make huge dinners or buy gifts for everyone we know. There are picnics, barbecues, community get-togethers, and fireworks. It is a feel-good holiday without the pressure of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can have a good time without being around too much food. Anyway, I like it.

Happy birthday to my nephew Elijah (the 27th), my brother Andy (the 29th), and my sister Cathy (July 1st)!

Until next week….


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